Sunday, February 19, 2012

Siamese Cat on Newspaper - Black and White Pastel / Charcoal

Step 1. Charcoal Block In of Siamese Cat on Newspaper

Step 2. Lay in mid tones and grays in Siamese and newspaper
Working on a new project. I want to try out the pastels some more. Still not sure how I'm going to work this one out. 
Step 3. Start to lift some color out of paper with eraser and
detail the newspaper

The subject is a Siamese Cat, with vividly lit eyes doing what cat's do... crawling into the middle of the newspaper and getting comfortable. I got the idea to start this piece after I put a piece of paper I was measuring for my next piece on the ground (my first mistake), and my cat decided to walk right into the middle, essentially destroying it for professional work (wrinkles and crinkles). 

This is not my cat but the situation reminded me of a photo circa 1947 that I had in one of my cat books. I had been wanting to endeavor it but I am not the most patient what with all the newspaper print. It *will* be interesting, especially since it is French! Work in progress. Will continue to keep updated as I progress.

I toyed with the idea of coloring in the cat. Seal Point Siamese Cats have such beautiful cream coats and creamy brown "points" or darkenings. I started with the blue eyes as my first bit of color, and, well, I kind of stopped there.

A pop of color. Cat eyes are so fun. Starting to detail
the paper and Siamese cat

What do you think? 


  1. u should do art on you tube your stuff is amazing!!

  2. Aww... Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it!

  3. Gorgeous painting. Your cat is wonderful. Love the eyes as the only touch of color - a seal point cat is so close to neutral anyway that it reads true without the warm neutrals. Reminds me of my Ari.

  4. I do love your cat paintings. Always look forward to your work on WC. Thanks for commenting Robert!