Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HELP! Choose Between Submissions for ARTunleashed

So I have been so motivated by the ARTunleashed project (see previous post) that I have made multiple pieces of art. I am trying to garner your opinion, readers, of which one "speaks" to you the most before I enter it.

I will donate the piece of art to benefit First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP). I have to submit the work, fully framed and ready to hang (and give up full rights/ownership). It is then exhibited for free (exposure, awesome!) and there will be a silent auction in which someone may decide to buy your work. It is entered into a juried art show, as well, so there is the possibility of some prizes, including cash!

Whatever bid your art gets up to, will then be donated to FCNMHP, which is a great cause. They provide free or low cost spay/neuter programs to help control excess pet population.

I have to admit, I want to submit just to see if my artwork garners some monetary value or not, but hey, if it doesn't, this will be my first gallery experience, and that alone may get the creative juices flowing. The cause is enough to motivate!

Of the two I have done, which one do you think has the most marketability and the highest chance of helping with exposure? I could enter them both, but the cost of framing and prepping them both for show may be cost prohibitive.

I look forward to your suggestion of which to enter! Both are currently unnamed.. (suggestions? I'm terrible at naming artwork, I always want to do something quite common such as "Cat Nap"... <yawn>.

So... Which one? Cat or Dog? Why?

EDIT: I finally submitted the cat picture. I am excited to say that it was part of a bidding war between two patrons. They bid it up to 160.00 before bidding closed. I certainly was excited and a fun night as well as a great cause. This been a great learning experience to help me to decide what a piece is actually "worth" in the future.

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  1. Great work, Tough decision. GL!