Saturday, September 22, 2012

Digital Painting of a Tree Frog

Ok, so I swore I would never create, much less appreciate a digital drawing. I've come to have a new found respect for them however after finding a huge lack of time and creativity. This was created quite quickly with an awesome program called Paper by 53. 

Using my iPad and a stylus and then just good old fashion drawing methods, I am able to squeeze in a little drawing time when I normally wouldn't care to lug out the art supplies...especially in front of the 2 year old! 

Did you see how long it has been since my last creation? Exactly!


  1. Lovely frog. I also use Paper 53 and love it. Downloaded it last week. Do you have a tumblr account for your work as if so, I'd love to follow you. Lots of folks share their made with paper art there. Thanks!